What do employers believe is the most important SKILL?  Great talent?  Great experience?  Great Attitude?  Bringing quality skills is vital, and a resume filled with experience makes a great first impression.

An employee that possesses a great attitude and can get along with other teammates is the most important skill that Hiring managers request when sharing what is most important in a successful candidate.

At the end of the day, the hospitality industry is about connecting with people, whether that be your customers or co-workers. Attitude can’t be taught and this is why it is such a critical element that employers consider.  A great attitude can go a long way!

First Class Workforce is proud to promote 10 Tips for Success.  These are tips that you can use every day to show you’ve got a great attitude to your Manager, your Team and your Customer!

How many First Class Tips do you use each day?

First Class Tips for Success

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